Construction Tender Document

A construction tender document is one which is issued by a construction company in response to a notification issued by a government or private agency requiring some kind of construction work. Such tenders are brief proposals which outline how the construction company will go about the project, the date of completion and the cost. The most impressive tenders are awarded the contract.

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Sample Construction Tender Document

Construction Tender Document

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The following tender is presented in response to the notification issued by Carlton Inc. on July 2011, requesting proposals for their office complex construction project.

Name of Construction Company: James and Sons Pvt. Ltd.

Construction tender document issued on: August 2011

Construction tender document issued for project: Construction of office complex for Carlton Inc. in Massachusetts.

Cost of the project: $400 million

Expected time of completion of the project: August 2017

Nature of project:

  • The office complex shall be a self sufficient unit, complete with its own gym, pool and other recreations.
  • The office complex will be state of the art with a neat and sleek design, clean lines and dazzling glass and chrome surfaces to give an edgy feel.
  • Every building in the complex shall be built on an eco-friendly model. Large swathes of greenery will be retained in the location selected. An area of 100 acres has been earmarked for the construction project.
  • Work will begin by September 2011.
  • Labor will be provided by us. The first preview of the completed plans will be inaugurated in December 2011.

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