Construction Specification Document

A construction specification document provides all the specifications pertaining to the construction of equipments. Since the end result depends entirely on the minutiae provided in this document, it must be prepared very incisively. The little details must be kept in mind while preparing it because the smallest of the specifications contribute significantly to the perfection of the equipment.

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Sample Construction Specification Document

Construction Specification Document

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Construction Specification Document

Name of the company: Mellifluous Musical Instruments (MMI)

Region of service: Georgia, Carolina, Louisiana.

Construction specification document presented by: Ulman Croft, Construction Specialist

Date of presentation of document: 20th January, 2011

Construction specifications given for: String musical instruments namely violin, guitar, sitar, and sarod.

Objective behind construction specification document: This document represents the construction details of string instruments to achieve three purposes, that is, enhanced look and feel of the equipment, efficient functioning and lengthened durability.

Construction specifications of string instruments are as follows:

  • The base metal can be chosen from a wide array of materials including plastics and wood.
  • The strings used for the purpose must be high on the scale of tenacity to produce the desired level of vibrations.
  • The keys should be located strategically with extra importance given to the space allotted between each key.
  • The density of the vacuum inside string instruments should be kept on the basis of accurate mathematical calculations.
  • The size and shape of the equipments should be decided by taking into consideration the age group of people playing it, their professional use as well as their use as an avocation.

Signature of the Construction specialist: _________________________

Date: _____________________

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