Construction Project Document

A construction project document is one which highlights the chief propositions of a construction project. It must be clear and comprehensive so that all the important areas under discussion are completely alluded to. There must not be any ambiguity and a construction project document can be a sort of working plan.

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Sample Construction Project Document

Construction Project Document

Download Free Construction Project Document

Name of construction company: Zeiger Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Headquarters located at Koln, Germany. Offices are located in over thirteen countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, France and India.

We specialize in: Heavy-duty construction works like roads, bridges, office complexes and residential complexes. Our buildings have their trademark architectural and stylistic features and are distinctive and unique.

Current project: The Grand Road connecting Manchester to London, which will reduce travel time by half.

Purpose of this project: This construction project has been granted to us as a result of our tender in response to the Public Works Department of the Labor Government issued on the 3rd of this month 2011. Based on our previous projects, our impeccable track record and the prestige we, as a company, enjoy, the contract has been granted to us. This project is a crucial one as we plan to build a set of ring roads between the two cities, which will reduce traffic on the current arterial road between them, thus reducing travel time by half.

Expected date of completion: 2016

Estimated cost of the construction project: 150 million GBP

For further details, please refer to our website [] and our working plans are enclosed with this proposal document.

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