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A construction manual is one which documents the construction procedure of equipments. It gives an account of the construction process step by step for a novice or a first timer to establish the process successfully. Therefore it must be written in vivid terms and the steps should be in prefect order so as to avoid confusion in course of the construction.

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Construction Manual Document

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Construction Manual Document

Name of the equipment: Electrical heater

Name of the company: VLC Heaters

Construction manual prepared by: Barbara Jones, Engineer, Electrical Engineering Department, VLC Heaters

Date of issue of the construction manual document: 27th January, 2012

Purpose for commissioning the construction manual document: This document is a prerequisite of construction and use of VLC heaters. The manual would help the user set up the equipment and use it as and when required. This is even more useful for travelers who can set up the product and again fold it back for easy carrying.

Parts supplied in the pack:

  • One steel stove
  • One iron base with a regulator
  • One wire with a three pin plug

Set-up manual:

Step 1: Place the iron base steadily on a solid ground.

Step 2: Slowly fix the steel stove on the iron base by properly aligning the four corners marked with grooves. Check if there is jerking.

Step 3: Plug in the wire into an electrical switch board.

Step 4: Adjust the regulator according to the intensity of temperatures indicated in the graded marker around the switch.

Step 5: Turn on the main switch.

Signature of the Engineer: _________________________

Date: _____________________

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