Construction Interface Document

A construction interface document is one which is formed as a result of interactions and discussions between the construction company and the commissioning company. It is beneficial as a construction interface document facilitates discussion and thus measures can be taken to avoid mistakes which have a chance of occurring otherwise.

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Sample Construction Interface Document

Construction Interface Document

Download Free Construction Interface Document

Name of company: Grace Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 34th Bond Street, New York

Name of construction project: Construction of Simpers Mall in Nevada

Construction project commissioned by: Grand Arcade Private Limited.

Date of submission of construction interface document: 12th July 2011

Date of commencement of construction project: August 2011

Date of termination of construction project: 2018

Purpose of the construction interface document:

  • A construction interface document will allow smooth interactions between the construction company and the company commissioning the project.
  • It will allow detailed discussions of all issues which are most crucial to the construction project.
  • A construction interface document will also make use of inputs from a varied spectrum of intelligences to determine the viability or feasibility of the construction project.
  • A construction interface document is one step in preparing documents for successive stages of the construction project.
  • We can identify exactly which areas we need to focus on specifically in this preliminary discussion embodied in the construction interface document.

Please check enclosed documents for a clear idea about design specifications and the like. Graphs, architectural blueprints etc. are also attached with this construction interface introductory document.

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