Construction Handover Document

A construction handover document is an official, legally processed document, stating the handover on a construction by the constructor to the buyer. This is an indispensable tool for any person, who is purchasing any construction. It is a very important document and must feature the detail of the construction site and monetary transaction. It should be legally approved and signed by both the constructor and the buyer.

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Sample Construction Handover Document:

Construction Handover Document

Download Free Construction Handover Document

This construction handover document is made effective this 5th day of July 2011, thereby declaring that, I, Mr. Toby Kane is handing over my building of 64, Mono Road to Mr. John Millet of 23, Mansfield Park. The purchaser has bought the property for $ 25, 00,000 from me and from today is declared to be the owner of this land and building.

The construction in concern is situated at 64, Mono Road, a residential building with additional 5 acres of land. The plot number is A213, purchased on 12th August, 1989. It is a completely furnished building, with 24 hours supply of electricity, gas and water. This is to inform that from now the purchaser will be liable for any dispute or discrepancy arising out of this building or estate. All information details regarding bills of cooking gas, electricity and water supply have been changed to the purchaser’s name and the seller is no way responsible for any discrepancies in this regard. All documents regarding the estate such as plot registration certificate, approval of floor plans, copy of building plans are handed over to the purchaser.

____________________                                                              _____________________

(Signature of seller)                                                                          (Signature of purchaser)

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