Construction Estimate Document

A construction estimate document is one in which the costs of a construction project are calculated. Such a document is invaluable for many reasons. It not only helps to calculate the costs of a project, but also ensures that the costs are met. It also serves as a blueprint for the project itself. It must be well written and accurate.

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Sample Construction Estimate Document

Construction Estimate Document

Download Free Construction Estimate Document

Name of project: Consecution of residential apartment off Broadway Street, New Jersey.

Construction Company: New Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

Project sponsored by: Adlabs Pvt. Ltd.

Total estimated cost of the project: 300 million USD

Estimated labor charges: 1 million USD

Estimated overhead charges: 100 million USD

Estimated charges for equipment/tools/materials: 200 million USD

Purpose of the construction estimate document:

  • This document has been prepared after a careful discussion of the various facets of the project.
  • It is accurate and all efforts will be made not to exceed the set budget indicated here.
  • This document shall serve as a blueprint for us while embarking on the project as it gives us an idea of how the various facets of the construction project will pan out in terms of costs.
  • It also gives us an idea of the feasibility of the construction project and how it will be carried out.

This construction estimate document has been prepared by the core committee of advanced projects: Jerry Mason. Rogers Shilling, and Jenny Tellers.

Please check enclosed document for a more detailed cost analysis of the construction project.

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