Construction Documents

Construction documents are those documents which include all information which is in some way or the other related to the completion of a construction project. Such documents can consists of construction drawings, plans, specifications, budget details and the other supporting documents. Such documents are framed by experts who are usually either construction workers or civil engineers.

Construction documents are really important. The following points describe their importance:

  • The importance of construction documents lies in the fact that they convert ideas into print which helps to safeguard information.
  • Secondly, these documents help to accumulate all the information which can be helpful at the completion of the project to estimate the total cost of construction.
  • The other reason is that they help the owner to put the project in papers and get the local authorities for certain permissions.
  • But the main point is that they give the contractor a clear idea and specific instructions on how the owner expects the construction project to shape up.

Construction documents can be piled up together to make up a book. There are two or three components or sections in which this book is divided. The book is divided into the following sections:

  • The first component consists of the building plans and the architectural drawings which are submitted by the architects or other professionals.
  • The next part consists of the details of the materials and the equipments used in the project. Also the cost covered throughout the project at every little junction should be noted down with the date.

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