Construction Contract Document

A construction contract document is an essential paperwork which binds a constructor and the owner in an agreement for a particular work of construction. Hence, the contract document should be prepared lucidly yet succinctly in order to create a good impression to the owner.

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Sample Construction Contract Document

Construction Contract Document

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Case number: 210099

Date of presenting the document: 5th July 2011

This construction contract defines the terms of agreement between construction company XYZ constructors Ltd. and Benjamin Group of Industries abiding all the rules of a construction related work so that this document could serve as a piece of legal paperwork incase of any future contrariety.

Benjamin Group of Industries decided to handover all its construction projects to the construction company in next 2 years. This process would be carried over by both the parties through regulating the negotiated terms between them.

The terms on which both the parties have agreed are as follows:

  • None of the party can terminate the agreement before the tenure of 2 years.
  • Agreement validity can be increased on mutual discussion between both the parties.
  • Benjamin Group of Industries must give a plan of their recent construction ventures to the constructor company as soon as possible.
  • The amount which has been decided for carrying out the upcoming construction work should not be altered by any of the party otherwise it would be subjected to legal implications by the other party.
  • The amount should be paid to the constructor company after a certain period of time as decided.


Signature of the authority of Benjamin Group of Industries ______________________

Signature of the constructor company __________________

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