Confidentiality Contract Document

A confidentiality contract document is one which highlights the various clauses of a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement. Such an agreement or contract is usually made between two companies or individuals or parties at the time of hiring employees, or negotiating a possible transaction or exchanging information which must be protected.

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Sample Confidentiality Contract Document

Confidentiality Contract Document

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The following is a confidentiality contract document between Jason Simpson of Grant Publications Pvt. Ltd. and Samuel Keyes, author of “Debonair Vampire”. This confidentiality contract is based upon the agreement made by the former, henceforth referred to as the disclosing party, to the latter, henceforth referred to as the receiving party, about certain information related to the latter’s book deal with the former.

The confidentiality contract formulated and validated on the 4th day of the month of June, 2011, will remain effective for the duration of two years. It stipulates that none of the information received by Mr. Keyes from Mr. Simpson shall be leaked, or in any way, broadcast without the express and legal authorization of the latter. Any breach of the confidentiality or non disclosure agreement will result in the initiation of legal proceedings. It is mandatory for this agreement to be produced in case of any dispute regarding this matter. All mechanical means of reproduction also come into the ambit of this confidentiality clause, as far as the information exchanged is concerned.

Signature of disclosing party: _________________________________

Signature of receiving party: __________________________________

Signature of advocate: ____________________________

Signature f witness: _____________________________

Stamp and seal of notary: _______________________

Place: New York

Date: 4.06.2011

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