Common Law Document

A common law document is a document which is signed or drafted between two parties, one of which is the lawyer or an attorney and the other is the client who pays the former party for legal services. These documents are used by these parties to record the terms and conditions of the agreement signed between them. Such documents are generally legally binding for the parties as the violation of their covenants can lead to legal implications. Given below is a sample of a common law document which can be used by you for reference purpose.

Sample Common Law Document:

This law agreement document has been made by and between the LAWYER and the CLIENT. This agreement has been made effective as on the date 14th June 2012 and shall be effective for 12 months. The termination date of the agreement is 14th June 2013.

The LAWYER in this common law arrangement is Mr. Henry Parkinson and the CLIENT in this arrangement is Mr. Tim Black.

CLIENT Details:

Address: 3/k, first floor, Jess tower, London

Contact number: 4774093440

LAWYER Details:

Address: D-90, second floor, Peter square, London

Contact number: 47039403947

Details of services offered by LAWYER to CLIENT:

The LAWYER shall provide legal consultancy services and business related advice to the CLIENT.  The LAWYER shall be required to fight legal cases on behalf of the CLIENT’s business organization.

Total payment: $500 for one year

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The LAWYER hereby agrees to provide his legal consultancy services to the CLIENT for 12 month’s time period.
  • The CLIENT agrees to use pay the LAWYER in two equal halves-one before the commencement date and one after the termination date.
  • The LAWYER has to provide each kind of help and advice to the CLIENT in such a way that it is favorable for the CLIENT’s company.


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