Commercial Lease Document

A commercial lease document is a written and formal document which is made in the case when a commercial entity is leased by a lessor to a lessee who agrees to pay a certain sum for leasing the entity. A commercial lease is often made when a commercial property or any other commercial object is put on lease. These documents are of legal nature and must be drafted carefully by paying attention to each detail and sentence. Given below is a sample of a commercial lease document which can be referred to by any person.

Sample Commercial Lease Document

Name of property owner: Mr. Kell Blake

Name of lessee: Mr. Greg Jackson

Date of commencement of lease: 12th May 2012

Date of termination of lease: 12th May 2013

Address of property to be leased: R-89, first floor, Potter’s enclave, LA

Property registration number: 3/PT8

Rent per month: $ 300

Total rent for the lease: $3600

Method of payment: cash

Payment date per month: 1st of each month

Late payment charges: $10 for each day after the 1st of each month

Important points to be considered regarding the lease arrangement:

  • The owner of the property must hand over the rights of usage of commercial property to the lessee for the length of lease.
  • The lessee cannot use the property for any purpose other than commercial reasons such as business use, office space etc.
  • The amenities such as water supply and electricity would be given for free to the lessee and must be used judiciously.
  • The lessee must keep the commercial property in proper condition and pay for its repair or maintenance himself.
  • The lessor must hand over fire insurance documents to the lessee for the duration of the lease.

Signatures of the party:


Kell Blake


Greg Jackson

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