Commercial Contract Document

A commercial contract document is a set of commercial agreements and understanding between the parties, who are entering into the contract with each other. It states the rules, regulations and restrictions of the organization, which the parties are to abide by. It includes all aspects of business such as wages, loans, salary and others. It should be carefully prepared and all facts and figures should be accurate.

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Sample Commercial Contract Document:

Commercial Contract Document

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It is notified that this contract is signed between Mr. Tony Hilton of 19, Palm Avenue and Mr. Ron Thomson of 16, Mono Road, for a period of five years, to be made effective this 10th day of May, 2011. During this stipulated time period, both the individuals are to work as commercial partners and all profits of the project are to be equally distributed among them. However, this contract can be terminated at any point of time upon common consensus of both the parties.

It is to hereby mention that neither party shall be liable to the other party for any loss of profits during this stipulated time period. All business related issues such as loans, distribution of salary are to done upon mutual consent of both parties. In case of death of any party, the contract stands terminated and the half of the profits shall be claimed by the surviving party. All the delivery of goods and services are to be made within the territory of the country and any export shall require prior permission from the higher authority. Each party has equal right over the business management and none can go into contract with any other party during this stipulated time period.

I hereby agree to the above terms and conditions and any breach of contract in this regard shall be penalized.

____________________                                                                  ___________________

(Signature of party 1)                                                                            (Signature of party 2)

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