Clinical Research Document

A clinical research document is a written official record of the medical aspects of a certain research project in the particular field. Clinical research is an important stream of research and its results are crucial in determining a number of aspects that benefit the society regarding medical and clinical issues. Hence, the document should present a detailed report of the clinical research and the findings of the respective project.

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Sample Clinical Research Document:

Clinical Research Document

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Clinical Research on: “Impact of Cancer drugs on people of different age groups”

Research conducted by: State Board Council for Clinical Research and Study

Members of the research team: Irwing Stevenson [Executive Head]

Paul Brown [Managing Director]

Fredrick George, Mark Jane, Anthony Stewart, Jennifer Austen [research workers]

Clinical research commissioned by: Life Care Institute of Pathological Studies

Date of preparation of document: 16th December, 2011

Document approved by: Leslie Joseph

CEO, State Board Council for Clinical Research and Study

Date of approval: 2nd January, 2012

Purpose of the document: The primary objective of framing this document is to conduct a thorough study on the various cancer drugs and chemical combinations possibly capable of cancer treatment. The basic research work is to analyze the effect of these medicines and combinations on the various categories of people, to ensure minimum side effects and maximum treatment.

Noteworthy points of the clinical research:

  • The clinical research on this particular area of determining the impact of cancer drugs on people of various age groups is a crucial field of study and includes careful consideration of all the drugs present in the market and all possible chemical combinations that claim cure for cancer.
  • The factors based on which the age categories and other small classes, if any, are classified, should be explained clearly.
  • The characteristic features of each of the categories must be mentioned clearly in the document, for further reference in the course of clinical research.

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