Client Requirement Document

A client requirement document is one which outlines the needs of a client, as understood and surveyed by a company, and it contains suggestions on how to act on those requirements and create a workable marketing relationship. A client requirement document is a very important document which aims to understand the exact needs of the client before proceeding to the business end of the deal. Thus, it must be very carefully written.

Sample Client Requirement Document

This is an extract from a client requirement document prepared by JB Survey Pvt. Ltd. on behalf of Gino’s Kitchen Group of Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of client requirement document: 12th June 2012

Purpose of the client requirement document:

Ü  To create an understanding about the market forces that will determine whether opening a new outlet of Gino’s on the Southern Bank Street will be a good investment.

Ü  To ensure a thorough survey of the client’s needs, including identifying target groups, nature of business, area of best operation, kind of cuisine, brand value and positioning and so on.

Ü  To create a document that will take into account all of these above factors and provide a comprehensive guide to the needs of the client.

Salient features of the client requirement document:

þ  The client requirement survey has identified Gino’s as targeting a crowd aged between 16 and 36, for its new outlet of fast Italian food. This is the crowd which patronizes the other Gino outlets.

þ  The new outlet requires a minimum of 20 covers since the seat covers offered by competing fast food chains in the area are all above 15. To stay in the race and attract the peak crowd, the number of covers is a very important criterion which must be kept in mind.

Date: 1st June 2012

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