Car Lease Document

A car lease document is a formal document which is used in the case when a person agrees to lease a car to another person or party which in this arrangement is called as the lessee. Such documents are formal in nature and must be drafted by following a particular format to record the various details such as car model number, details of parties, lease amount per month etc. Any car lease document acts as a reference document or as a proof of the fact that the parties have committed to certain terms and conditions and cannot violate them in any scenario. Given below is a sample of a car lease document which can be referred to for better understanding.

Sample Car Lease Document:

Commencement date of lease: 4th June 2012

Termination date of lease: 4th June 2013

Name of car owner: Mr. Hedley Banks

Name of lessee: Mr. Peter Bradley

Amount to be paid as lease per month: $100

Registration number of car: R/90

Model number: G Chevrolet

Colour of car: red

Significant features and points to note:

  • The car must be kept in perfect condition and shape by the lessee.
  • The car cannot be driven out of the state of LA under this lease document arrangement.
  • The price for the use of the diesel has to be paid by the lessee.
  • The cost of servicing, repair and maintenance have to be paid by the lessee during the lease term.
  • Under no circumstance can the lessee sublease the car to another third party or person.
  • The lessor can demand to inspect the car during any time of the lease term.
  • The rent amount must be paid within the first week of each month.

Signatures of the parties:

Hedley Banks

Peter Bradley

Signature of witness:

Bill Hanks

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