California Divorce Document

California divorce documents pertain to the separation occurring between the residents of California. In case of a divorce occurring in California the distribution of property and assets acquired at the time of marriage are to be divided equally, as California is known as “community property state”. Further the cause of a divorce may be due to some irreconcilable differences. Any of the party may also demand for alimony on bases of “spousal support”.

Sample California Divorce Document

Divorce contract

Name of husband: Mr. Ben Taylor

Name of wife: Mrs. Susan Taylor

Location: 12b Coronado, California, us

Date of marriage: 2 June 1989

Preliminary matters:

  1. Petitioner and respondent under the guidance of their attorneys agrees to the terms and conditions of divorce
  2. Petitioner and respondent agree on the equal distribution of all their properties and assets attained by them at the time of their marriage.
  3. Both the parties are aware that any violation of any terms and conditions may lead to a strict action taken by the court.

Custody of children:

Number of children: 1

Name of children: Alex Taylor

Date of birth: 1st July 1992

Terms of custody:

  1. Respondent agrees on taking full responsibility of the child.
  2. Petitioner agrees to give an allowance of $2000 each month to the respondent for the care of child.
  3. The timing and number of visitation by the petitioner are based on the mutual assent of both the parties.


  • Petitioner agrees to maintain a life insurance worth $10000 in the name of the child
  • Respondent agrees to maintain a life insurance worth$5600 in the name of the child
  • Both the parties agree to take care of the health insurance of their child and would make equal contributions to it.


Hereby both the parties give assent to divorce dated on 15 June 2012

Signature of husband:

Signature of wife:

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