Business Vision Document

Business vision document lays down the goals and targets of the business that the company struggles to achieve. It unifies the employees who have a particular end to reach as well as the investors who get a reference point of their decision. Thus, it must be written by delving into the requirements and introspecting into the service ideals.

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Sample Business Vision Document

Business Vision Document

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Name of the organization: Tummy’s Kitchen

Date of foundation: 6th May, 2010

Business type: Restaurant

Business forte: Chinese, Taiwanese, Nepalese, Singaporean and Korean dishes

Business needs and requirement: The business stands on admiration of the dishes cooked in the hotel and the most important source of business progress is its eminence in the global market.

Business scope: Entrepreneurs contract the company to arrange for food festivals and food fairs on a periodic basis.

Service overview: All the staff, from the gatekeeper to the waiter, is hospitable, helpful and genial.

Major features of the business include:

  • The dishes are authentic made with original recipes and native chefs. There are professional advisors who advise on the tastes and preferences of the customers.
  • The list of specialities includes some exotic dishes made by mixing traditional food recipes and creating new ones for customers who are fond of experimental cooking.
  • The dishes are served in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian for all types of customers. For non-vegetarians, the preparation is made available in fishes, chicken, mutton, beef and pork.

Goals: The main objective is to see the restaurant emerge successful from a sea of profit-seeking restaurants to be made possible by world-class services.

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