Business Travel Policy Document

A business travel policy document is a document that specifies the various policies to be followed when an employee is travelling on company business. The policies to be followed are also defined on the basis of factors like employee accountability as well as company funds. There are few basis or points based on which a business travel policy document is prepared. It needs to be decided that who are the subjects of the travel policy and whether the policies would be applied equally to all the levels of employees. The business travel policy document should also mention about the various expenses based on which the policies will be applied.

Sample Business Travel Policy Document

This business travel policy document is a collection of various travels and expenses policy statements on different kinds of factors like travelling, lodging, business meals, rental of cars and reimbursement expenses. There are three different policy statements that cover every aspect of travel you will have to choose from those aspects that you want to be covered.

It is essential to choose the appropriate statement from each section. There are two broad categories in which the expenses will be divided: reimbursable expenses and non reimbursable expenses.

Reimbursable expenses:

The following expenses are considered as reimbursable expenses and they have to be incurred in accordance with Company policy.

  • Air travel
  • Car rental
  • Business entertainment
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Laundry and valet services

Non reimbursable expenses:

These kinds of expenses usually include complete personal expenses that are incurred while travelling.

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