Business Travel Document

A business travel document is a document that has a list of all the documents and papers required for the purpose of travelling for a business. The various documents that are required for business travel like visa, passport, business letter, tickets, arrival letters etc. It is really essential to have these documents or else business travel may become impossible.

Sample Business Travel Document


A ticket is necessary to travel anywhere and in any modes of transport. If an individual is travelling with an electronic ticket while he has a soft copy of the ticket, the individual will be given a receipt that he needs to carry along with him before boarding the mode of transport.


If the individual is doing business travel via flights, and especially to a foreign country he needs to carry his passport along with him and it is also important that the passport is valid. Even if the individual is not travelling abroad, the passport acts as a photo id proof.


A visa is a document that acts as permission if the individual is travelling to a country of which he is not a citizen. A visa is usually a stamp on the passport which acts as an evidence that the individual has the permit to visit a particular country. It also has to be mentioned in the visa that it is a business visa.

Arrival documents:

Arrival documents are documents handed out while checking in by the cabin crew during a flight. An example of an arrival document is a passenger card.

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