Business Strategy Document

A business strategy document is one which sets down the basic strategies and programs of a business. It focuses on the premises that the company is most concerned with and prepares the plans accordingly. The document must be written down in an organised manner so as to integrate the objectives of the company and methods of accomplishing the goals.

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Sample Business Strategy Document

Business Strategy Document

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Subject: Business Strategy Document of Dompan Furniture

Name of the company: Dompan Furniture

Business strategy document made by: Dora Van, HR Department, Dompan Furniture

Date of presentation of business strategy document: 3th December, 2011

Feature of the document: This document lays down the basic line of attack that would help the company face the market competition with more polished tactics. Such a document digs out the loopholes within the company’s programs and orients the strategies in the line of the company’s policies.

Purpose: The plans and programs undertaken by the concerned agency decide the fate of the agency in the product as well as the share market. The aim to be achieved through this is to reach the desired level in the national market.

The basic strategies include:

  • The company must partition its financial capital for production, designing, marketing and retailing of the product.
  • The quality of raw materials used in the manufacturing of the furniture should be above the average or standard timbre used in the market, preferably Mahogany, Teak and Sal.
  • Leading TV channels and radio stations should be informed of the new lines being launched regularly to invite sponsorships.

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