Business Specification Document

A business specification document is one which outlines the needs of a particular business in order to provide a comprehensive list, which can them act as a guideline. It must be clearly written and well thought out. A business specification document needs to be prepared after consultation with all departments of it and it must be written by well trained professionals.

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Sample Business Specification Document

Business Specification Document

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This following document is an outline of the results of the business specification meeting held on 11th of June 2011, by members and chief executive members of our company, Johnson’s Products Inc.

Representatives from Sales, Finance, Management and all our chief stakeholders were part of that meeting. The results have been tabulated and the minutes of the meeting jotted won and circulated along with this brief abstract. The total compilation will be referred to as the business specification document. Some of the points made in the meeting, and noted here are as follows:

Date of submission of business specification report: 3rd July 2011

  • Increasing business presence and visibility in the local market is our primary need at the present.
  • We have earned a good reputation for ourselves in the international scene and our coffee export is recognized as being one of the strengths of the business.
  • However, the local market also deserves consideration as it is thriving.
  • Also on the cards is an expansion to new areas like Connecticut, Boston and Nevada, apart from our traditional stronghold of the East Coast.

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