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A business research document, as is quite clear from the term itself, includes the research of a certain business holding or some specific business venture. Generally, the research document of a business includes the evaluation of a number of business aspects such as its nature, area of business, identification of owner(s), mission and vision statements, economic status and financial statements, etc. Such documents can also be framed as records of other business firms. Such individuals who have a thorough knowledge of the particular business and its proceedings generally prepare this type of a document.

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Sample Business Research Document:

Business Research Document

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Name of the business firm: Intel Telecommunications

Address: 37, Lyndon Street, New York

Name of proprietor: Mark Andrew

Established on: 15th June, 1982

Business Research for: May, 2011 – November, 2011

Document prepared on: 17th December, 2011

Document prepared by: Patrick Rogers

Head of the Department

Research & Development

Business research document approved by: John Peterson


Intel Telecommunications

Overview of the business:

The “Intel Telecommunications” has been in business since 1982 and has taken an upper hand in the market of networking industries operating in the New York City. The service rendered by this firm in the business of telecommunications is appreciable and trustworthy.

Targets of the business:

  • To strengthen the telecommunication industry and networks under the supervision of Intel Telecommunications.
  • To facilitate better communication networks in certain remote areas assigned under the corporate management and administration of the business [the areas have been marked in the local map attached herewith]
  • To ensure faster and proper communication at cheap and affordable rates for all

Business Mission Statement:

  • To help build the best communication networks across the city and beyond.
  • To contribute in bringing dear ones closer at the lowest possible costs.
  • To strengthen business and professional ties with effective networking.

Financial records:

  • Assets: $45000000
  • Liabilities: $65000 [debts], $89000 [pending payments], $8177000 [loans]

  • Shares held in market: $367000

  • Taxes: $78000 [monthly]

  • Miscellaneous costs: $145000 [monthly average, for the term]

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