Business Requirement Document

A business requirement document is an official statement, which detailed the prerequisites for accomplishing any particular business ventures. This document is presented before the intended authority, upon whose sanction the working on a particular business project would start.  Therefore, all the facts and figures should be accurate and unambiguous and must be understood before the presenting the document.

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Sample Business Requirement Document:

Business Requirement Document

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The business requirements for the project named “ABC soft drinks” are enlisted below and have been legally approved by the business partners. The work on this project starts on 15th July 2011, under the guidance of our company manager, Mr. D.K. Gomes. The project has a cost estimation of $ 1, 50,000 and the time period is of six months. All the raw materials required for are to be imported within 1st of this month and the plan of this project is to be made within 1st July.

The project has the following requirements:

  • A 50 acres land for setting up the factory.
  • A capital investment of $ 1, 50,000 solely devoted to the expenses of the raw materials.
  • All imports are to be made within 15th of this month.
  • Each department of work is to be headed by a manager, who is to be assisted by a secretary and a team of workers.
  • The legal procedure for acquiring the land for factory has to be cleared before the commencement of work.
  • A large number of workers required for each department, both for official and factorial purpose.
  • Sponsors required for advertisement, promotion and commercial purposes are to be arranged before the start of the project.

The above requirements are to be met for the success of this project.

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