Business Proposal Document

Business proposal document is a paperwork presented by a business to their potential or existing clients, customers or prospects proposing any new business matter to them. This kind of a document must be formulated with utmost efficiency so as to obtain maximum proposal acceptance from the intended people.

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Sample Business Proposal Document

Business Proposal Document

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Name of the business: Chord Solutions.

Contact details: 36, Lewn Street, Minnesota, USA

Date of submitting the proposal document: 5TH May 2011

Overview of the company:

Chord solutions provides software platform to various IT businesses so that they could function properly in building or designing new IT solutions. Our business also provides the enterprises with the best communication channels by which the employees within an organization can communicate without cost. The value proposition of our business lies in the increased productivity of an organization.

Business proposal:

We solicited this proposal document with an intention to introduce our latest product which would wok as office communicator and would facilitate desktop sharing even in low band-width network.

Intended audience:

This proposal document is being presented to all the enterprise that is willing to have a fast and effective communication channel within the office premises.

Specification of the latest product:

  • Communication with all the employees within an organization through office communicator.
  • The communicator is accompanied with an interactive interface which is easily understandable and responds to user commands quickly.
  • The communicator is aligned with a desktop sharing facility by which two or multiple desktops could be shared at one instant.

Last date of proposal acceptance: 5th June 2011

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