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A business process document describes the procedure to set up and run a business productively. It is important to devise a plan before establishing a business so that the entire procedure can be formalised flawlessly through all stages of the business development. Therefore it must be planned with adequate expertise and experience.

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Sample Business Process Document

Business Process Document

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Subject: Business Process Document of Bosco Plastics

Name of the company: Bosco Plastics

Name of the business process consultant: Zach Norman, Head Consultant of Johansson Business Consultancies.

Date of presentation of business process document: 3th April, 2016

Characteristic feature of the document: This document would serve as a canopy of information required for proper channelling of business resources and subsequent settlement of a business. It provides a detailed sketch of the steps to be taken to found a business by taking in all the virtues and vices of the subject of the business that would bring a creditable result. Steps of the process are given in the following space:

  • The businessman should check with all his bank money and invest or apply for a business loan in a reliable financial agency.
  • He is required to resolve the labour issues and appoint them ranks of hierarchy.
  • Labourers are then given jobs of procuring raw materials and producing the plastic under command.
  • The clients should be approached through trustworthy agents.
  • The orders of supply must be properly noted down. Deadlines should be met while giving delivery of the products.
  • Experienced business management professionals must be recruited for directing the employees.

Signature of the Consultant: ___________________________________

Date: _____________________

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