Business Plan Financial Document

A business plan financial document is a record of financial prospects prepared especially for business planning purposes and for a particular business firm. The document should contain details that are meant for the respective business house only, such as its product launched or services offered, its potential clients, the market size and share it enjoys, advertisement policies and corresponding costs, etc. Often, a business plan financial document is prepared prior to the setting up of a new business.

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Sample Business Plan Financial Document:

Business Plan Financial Document

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Name of the business firm: John & Miller Companies

Business overview:

John & Miller Companies is a renowned business firm in the New York City, conducting business of imported garments and designer outfits. This is a 50 – 50 partnership organization that works according to the decisions made by both partners, the present co-owners being Mr. Henry John and Mr. Fredrick Miller.

Present Financial Status:

The present status of business finance, as studied from the reports of July, 2010 – December, 2010, suggest a profit of $ 85000 that will be carried forward for the utilization in business execution in the coming fiscal year.



January, 2011 – June, 2011

Particulars Amount

  • Cost of raw materials                                                                                             $ 135000
  • Taxes on import of goods                                                                                      $   95000
  • Equipment costs                                                                                                     $     5500
  • Transportation charges                                                                                           $   19500
  • Miscellaneous Costs                                                                                               $     6700
  • Earnings from goods sold                                                                                       $ 899000


Net Profit/ Gain                                                                                                      $ 637300

The business plan for the coming term of January, 2011 – June, 2011 has been so planned that proper execution of duties and business strategies can help earn a profit as large as $637300.



[Martha Gomes, Finance Head]

Date: 16th December, 2011

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