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A business object document is an article encompassing the details of the business object. It serves as the literature of the object or product which is being dealt with in the business, giving a detailed background history of the object and its position and prospects in the market. Such a document must be laid down carefully on the basis of extensive studies.

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Sample Business Object Document

Business Object Document

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Subject: Business object document of Galaxy Sedatives

Name of the company applying for a business object document: Galaxy Sedatives

Business object document prepared by: Karl Noob, HR Psychologist, DNA Consultant Agency.

Date of authorization of the document: 13th June, 2012

Object under consideration: Medicines specifically sedatives, depressants, narcotics, pain killers and tranquillizers.

Need for the object document: Increasing amounts of stress and mental pressure, burn out syndromes at workplace and relationship turmoil have paved the way for the demand of drugs with soothing effects. The endorphin-substitutes are required for subsiding pain that act as an anti-stress treatment for stimulated nerves. Thus a business object document helps the industry learn who the target customers are and prepare the product accordingly.

Object requirements:

  • Derivatives used in the production of the drugs must be of superior quality to attain the desired result.
  • The drugs should stick to the use of natural substances like opium to avoid emergence of side effects in users.
  • Proper directions should be given in all the local language on the label of the bottle for safe use.
  • Dosage specification should be clarified in the manual supplied with the packs.

Signature of HR Psychologist: ________________________________

Date: _____________________

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