Business Justification Document

A business justification document is generally prepared by a particular business firm to justify its stand in the market and its legal position so as to function properly, without any restrictions. The document should traverse all important and significant prospects of the business and cover the areas that require special notice, so that it can be properly justified that the business is legal and safely operated in the specific area, under some particular brand name, if any.

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Sample Business Justification Document:

Business Justification Document

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The following business justification document is a proof of the business operations that have been conducted in this year, March 2010 – March 2011.

Name of company: Streamline Companies Pvt. Ltd

Address: 67, Meter Street, London

Contact number: 00 44 – 20 – 74836518

Email id:

Purpose of business justification document: This document would outline several important aspects that help justify the course of action of this particular business and its contributions to the society.

Business justification details:

  • The basis of our business firm has been the production and sale of a variety of construction goods and materials, since the year 1987.
  • The quality of products delivered has always lived up to the common standards set by the market and the expectations of our clients have been met to the maximum possible extent.
  • We have also made our brand name known to the shareholders and stock market experts and thus have achieved in justifying the sincere basis of our company and the business we perform.
  • It has always been one of our primary objectives to incorporate newer and improved functions in our business operations and implement them to develop our products in a better way.
  • Finally, what helps us win the crowd is the fact that we believe in reducing errors and enhancing performance and, eventually, customer satisfaction. Generally we offer you the best products and also top it up with a genuine warranty period.


[Signature of the Head of the Department of Business Justification]

_______________________________ [official stamp or seal]

Date: 17th March, 2010                                                                                              Place: London

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