Business Financial Document

A business financial document is one which contains an account of the financial dealings of a particular company or business organization over a period of time, usually amounting to a month or a year. A business financial document must be concise and well labeled so that the various aspects of the financial transactions carried out by the organization can be understood and are clearly marked. Business financial documents must also be written carefully so as to leave no chances of errors.

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Sample Business Financial Document:

Business Financial Document

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Name of business enterprise: Colton Concerns Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of business financial document: 12th January 2011

Business financial document for the period: October 2010 to December 2010

Business financial documents created by: Roger Bailey, head of the Department, Finance and Accounting, Colton Concerns.

Purpose of business financial document:

  • To track expenditures and profits for the period mentioned above
  • To ensure transparency

Business Financial Document

Name of period for which the business financial document has been composed: The autumn session

Various concerns to which payments were made over this period [along with date]

  • October 10th 2010: Sun Microsystems-300,000USD
  • November 20th 2010: Xerxes Technical Solutions-500,000USD [check attached invoices for more details on each of these transactions]

Various concerns from which payments have been received:

  • October 3rd 2010: Delta Data Corps.-600,000USD
  • October 4th 2010: Delta Data Corps, Phase 1: 1million USD

Profits for the period mentioned above: 2 million USD [net profit]

Expenditures for the period mentioned above: 1 million USD [with exception of the special payments listed above]

TDS paid per 1000 USD: 200 USD

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