Business Document Template

Business document is created depicting the need of the business. It can serve various purpose of a business ranging from informing to persuading any business deal or requirement. Hence, such kind of business document template should be designed keeping in mind the actual purpose of it.

You can Download the Free Business Document Template customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Document Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Document Template

Business Document Template

Download Free Business Document Template

Business Requirement Document

Document no: __________

Project name ____________________ [mention the name of the business project]

Document presented by ________________________ [mention the name of the person who is presenting document]

Date of presenting the document ____________ [dd/mm/yy]

Document purpose:

The purpose of the document is to describe _________________________________ [mention the actual purpose of the document in descriptive tone so that the clients, customers or the prospects get a clear picture of the entire document]

Intended Audience:

The main targeted audience for this business document _________________ [mention who are the potential audience for whom the document is being constructed]

Project Background: _________________________ [mention about the project background in details in order to give an idea what kind of project it is and how it would benefit the society]

Business objective/goals to be achieved ______________ [mention the business objective regarding this process]

Risk factors associated with the project: ___________________ [detail the risk factors that is associated with the project and authorities plan of tackling it as well]

Business Requirement for the project ________________ [mention the detailed requirements of the project]

Time line ________________________ [mention an approximate timeline by which the business intends to complete the project]

Signature of the business requirement team- head ________________

Date _______________

Place ________________

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