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A business design document is a blueprint of the ideas of a business with the help of which the concerned company evolves. It carries the essential concepts and perceptions of how to conduct a business. It must be constructed with finesse and candour as it is a very crucial document marking the progress (or failure) of any business.

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Sample Business Design Document

Business Design Document

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Name of the company: Stella Gem and Jewellery House

Date of establishment: 9th September, 2008

Centre of working: India

Company overview: The Company deals with exotic jewellery and accessories made of expensive stones, gems and metals that are highly priced in the international market.

Business forte: The items are made after traditional royal designs, mainly Mughal art jewellery, that is strong in appeal among young and old generations owing to its opulence and extravaganza.

Company manifesto: It lies in the company’s consideration for customer needs as it strongly believes that financial profits are monitored by customers’ acknowledgement.

Purpose: The main aim behind bringing out this design from the closet is to make traditional jewellery fashionable. The motive is to give stiff competition to the contemporary jewellery market.

The long-term business plans to be achieved by the designs are:

  • The intricate works in bright stones and noble metals will make the jewellery universal and timeless breaking all temporal and geographical restrictions.
  • It will preserve the rich heritage of an historical era and prevent it from sinking into oblivion in this age of junk jewellery.
  • Designs will be promoted via exhibitions and shows in major cities brining in greater recognition.

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