Business Contract Document

A business contract document is an official, legally processed document, for setting up a mutual contract or partnership between individuals, companies or different business houses. This document has to be signed by a legal advocate and the business partners, who are entering into the contract. It has to be prepared with special attention and all facts and figures have to be accurate, which cannot be altered after the contract is made.

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Sample Business Contract Document:

Business Contract Document

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This business contract agreement is made on this 10th day of June, 2011 between Mr. Larry Bates of 19, Mono Road (distributor) and Mr. Jordan Brown of 32/1 Palm Avenue (wholesaler), and will be terminated on 10th June, 2015. During this period of time, the above mentioned individuals enter into a mutually signed business contract, of capital $ 50, 00,000.

During this stipulated time period, the above mentioned individuals are to work jointly, and none can enter into any contract with any other individual. The wholesaler is to supply desired goods to the distributor at the 1st of every month and shall receive payment on the spit by the distributor. In accidental cases, if the wholesaler cannot provide the desired good, he is to send a prior notification at least a week before. All goods are to be delivered by the wholesaler and all goods are to be collected by the distributor at the office of the distributor at 19, Mono Road. In case of death of either distributor or wholesaler, the contract shall be automatically terminated.

I accept to the above terms and conditions and agree that any breach of contract in this regard shall be penalized.

___________________                                                                  ____________________

(Signature of wholesaler)                                                                (Signature of distributor)

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