Business Case Document

A business case document is an important record of a certain case that may have been or will be undertaken at some particular instant of the business operations. Such a document is generally framed before initiating a business project or task as because it captures the reasoning for the particular purpose.

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Sample Business Case Document:

Business Case Document

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Jimm Mobiles

Name of company: Innova Cellular Pvt. Ltd

Business case commissioned by: Richard Strafford [CEO]

Von International Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Business case supervised by: Jack Peterson, General Manager

Innova Cellular Pvt. Ltd.

Date of preparation of business case document: 2nd March, 2011

Estimated time period of execution of business case: 15th April, 2011 – 31st November, 2011

Estimated budget: $ 1950000

Objective of the document: The main purpose of presentation of this document is to bring to the notice of all involved parties the introduction of our new business case [case number: 7834] wherein we will incorporate an all new 3G technology for the development of a wide range of mobile phones.

Business case agenda:

  • Extensive research work will have to be performed in the field of electronics and technology, which will help in the design of this product.
  • Experts in the concerned field have been recruited for the purpose of design of manufacture of 3G Jimm Mobiles.
  • The new range of cell phones to be launched will contain a variety of user-friendly applications and can be used conveniently to serve a number of technological purposes.
  • Our team of management experts, comprising of Mark Stewart, Fredrick John, and Tom Rogers, will handle the management of this entire business case.


[Signature of Business Case Manager]

Date: 02.03.2011                                                                                    Place: New York

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