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A business analysis document is a comprehensive scrutiny of a particular business. It lays bare the flaws of the business and puts forward the various options open to the concerned company with respect to empire expansion. It is a work of enormous responsibility and eligible analysts must be approached for this purpose who should write it very meticulously.

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Business Analysis Document

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Subject: Business Analysis Document of Butter Light Biscuits

Name of the company commissioning the business analysis: Butter Light Biscuits

Business analysis recounted by: Bamiyan Hob, Chief Business Analyst, Jason Consultancies.

Date of issue: 3th January, 2015

Nature: This document highlights the arenas in which the business is not very steady and is in immediate need of professional advice. The loopholes in the execution of decisions are given that require urgent revision. This analysis would thus help the authorities to reconsider their plans and take the necessary steps.

The results obtained from the business analysis are as follows:

  • The retail store is located in a region secluded from the main town which has been a reason of low sales in the initial years.
  • The sale value has picked up from the following year due to relocation of the retail stores but lack of awareness among dealers and shopkeepers has held the sales back.
  • Marketing has been given limited importance as a result of which customer exposure to the product has remained in shade.

Steps to be taken:

  • The company should allocate enough funds for change of marketing principles.
  • It should hire experts for enhancement of goals and objectives.

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