Business Agreement Document

A business agreement document is prepared for stating the major terms and conditions of any statement or decision that has been agreed to for business purposes. These are legal documents, considering the purpose of their introduction and the mode of their usage in companies and firms conduct business. Such a document that emphasizes on business agreement should outline the significant concepts in a clear and concise manner.

Sample Business Agreement Document:

Business Agreement Document

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This business agreement document is being introduced by the John and John Companies Pvt. Ltd. [67, Lenin Road, New York] in collaboration with the Jewel Company of U.S. [94, Lords Avenue, New York]. The document has been brought to practice from the 17th of August, 2011 and will remain valid till the 17th of August, 2016. Any discrepancy in the functioning of business or deviation from the clauses set in the agreement will be considered as a serious offence, which falls under the category of “breach of agreement” and thus calls for legal notice and penalties to be addressed as decided by the law of the State.

The business concerns involved in this document deal with gems and jewellery and thus the agreement involves a huge sum of money [$1675500000] whose security is the responsibility of both the firms. The agreement document also outlines the exact code of conduct of business, distributing the operations and functions to be adopted and carried out by them.

The document has been prepared under the supposition that the agreement details have been carefully read and understood by both the business firms and will be sincerely followed by them. All the information of the respective business houses that have been enclosed with this document are true to the best of our knowledge and any fault encountered will be our responsibility.

_______________________________ [signature of the representative of 1st business party]

_______________________________ [signature of the representative of 2nd business party]

_______________________________ [signature of co-ordinator]

_______________________________ [Advocate’s signature]

Date: 17th August, 2011                                                                         Place: New York

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