British Emergency Travel Document

There are occasions when the passport is not valid and there is not enough time to replace the passport while travelling in or from Britain. In such cases of emergency, a document needs to be issued which is known as a British Emergency Travel Document. These documents are drafted for the purpose of helping British nationals during the times of emergency. Travelers can temporarily travel with the help of these documents and later when they have time they can always issue for a new passport.

Sample British emergency travel document

ETD (Emergency Travel Document):

The Emergency Travel Document is usually an eight page document that exists with a similar format of that of a passport. An ETD lets British Nationals who have lost their passport abroad or it is stolen to make a single return journey to UK. They can make this journey via a maximum of five transit countries. But as some countries may not accept an ETD, the travelers have to ensure the transit countries or the countries they plan to visit through before making the return journey.

Emergency Passport (EP):

An emergency passport is a document that is usually issued when the original passport is lost or stolen. Even in cases when the passport is temporarily unavailable an emergency passport can be issued. Even when there is insufficient time to issue a valid passport and an ETD is not available, an emergency passport is issued. The EP is usually a one page travel document. This emergency travel document is valid only for a single journey.

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