Blank Resume Document

A blank resume document is used to write one’s qualifications, skills and experience when applying for a job anywhere. A resume can be written in different ways and there are various formats used to enter information about the candidate. A blank resume also has a format but only the side headings are given and the rest of the data is filled by the applicant according to his preference. It is the most basic form of resume which contains provision for the fundamental information required by a company when they go through the CV of a candidate. Since it is blank, anyone can use it and give his or information. A blank resume also gives one the freedom to write as much or as less they require since there is no fixed kind of format or compulsory categories to be filled.

Sample Blank Resume Document


Name and contact details of the applicant:



Permanent address:

Email ID:

Phone number:

Mobile number:


Objective or career goal of the candidate:

Educational qualifications (starting with the latest):

Course                         Institution                   Year                Percentage/GPA




Professional experience (starting with the latest):

Name of company                   Designation                 Number of years worked




Skills and area of expertise:

Communication skills:

Analytical skills:

Leadership skills:

Teamwork skills:

Decision-making ability:

Organizational skills:

Discipline and punctuality


Achievements and awards:

Name of award/Type of achievement             Year    Area where award/recognition received


Name of certification              Year                Area where certification received

Personal details:

Languages known:

Computer knowledge:


Activities involved in:

Part of associations:

Wrote in publications:

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