Apartment Lease Document

An apartment lease document is a type of document which is prepared for the purpose of recording the details of an arrangement wherein a lease has been issued or taken out. These describe the deal made between the individual issuing the lease of the apartment (owner) and the individual who is leasing the apartment such as the details of the apartment, the terms set for the lease and the details of the involved parties etc. An apartment lease document is a legally binding document which consists of formal terms and conditions which are obligatory for both the parties to abide. Given below is a sample of an apartment lease document which can be used for the purpose of reference.

Sample Apartment Lease Document

Date of documentation: 20th May 1989

Date on which lease starts: 19th May 1989

Date on which lease terminates: 19th November 1990

Subject of the document: This document is being prepared to record the lease arrangement made between the below mentioned parties.

Details of the apartment owner:

Name: Mr. Casper Manny

Contact No.: 753-065-479

Correspondence Address: 245, Parkinson Street, Georgetown, West Virginia, USA.

Details of the lease owner:

Name: Mr. John Anton

Contact No.: 758-437-605

Alternative Correspondence Address: House No. 23, Leatherwood Valley, West Virginia, USA.

Details of the Apartment being leased:

Type: Residential

Address: 53, 3rd and Main Street, Park Lean, Pennsylvania, USA.

Terms of the lease:

  • The lease hold valid for a period of 18 months.
  • The payment for the lease has been made in the beginning, and no subsequent payment is to be made.
  • On the expiry of the lease a new contract or lease may be issued if the owner agrees i.e. the owner is under no legal bound to renew lease against will.

Signatures of the parties;

Casper Manny

John Anton

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