AP Travel Document

An advance parole is a document required by an immigrant to re enter USA or in order to travel abroad. This document is also required to be filled by individuals who have pending applications in order to get immigration benefits or to change their non immigrant status.  It is necessary to apply for an advance parole because any individual leaving USA without an advance parole is considered to have abandoned his application for the purpose of adjustment of status.

In order to apply for an advance parole travel document, the individual can download a form from a government agency website. If an individual is leaving to another country from USA and later plans to reenter he should apply for advanced parole travel document before leaving or else later when he applies for reentering his application will be considered abandoned.

Sample AP Travel Document

Department of Immigration Process                                           Form no. 1234, Expires on 3rd of July 2012

U.S. Citizenship and Travel Document

                                       Application for Advanced Parole Travel document

Documents issued: ______________                              Document hand delivered

On _________ by _______

To be completed by attorney/representative, if any:

Attorney state license number: 67890

If reentry permit or refuge travel document, mail to:

Permanent residential address                       U.S. Embassy                              Overseas DHS office

Applicant information:

Family name: Mile                      First name: Green

Permanent residential address: 23 York Shire Street, London, United Kingdom 6790

Country of birth: England                                Date of birth: 3rd of May 2012

Country of citizenship:  England

Social security number (if any): _________


I am applying for an advance parole travel document and conform that the above information is true.



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