Agreement Document Template

Agreement document serves as a legal contract between two or more than two parties. This document serve as evidence in case of any future discrepancy related to agreeing terms. Hence, agreement document template should outline the effective points whose presence is indeed necessary for forming a well structured legal document.

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Sample Agreement Document Template

Agreement Document Template

Download Free Agreement Document Template

Agreement for leasing commercial property

Agreement terms:

This agreement is made between ______________ [name of the lessor] of address __________ [mention the detailed address of the lessor] and __________ [name of the lessee] of address ______________ [mention the detailed address of the lessee] on the day of ____________ [month], ______ [year] upon the mutual agreement on following aspects.

  • Premises decided to be provided on lease:

The lessor gives the lessee the right to occupy the premises of address _______________ [mention the address of the premises is being given on lease] including all the fittings and fixture as listed in the attached inventory sheet and signed by both the parties.

  • The term on which the lessor agreed upon leasing the premises:

__________ [Name the term 1]: ____________________ [description of term 1]

__________ [Name the term 2]: ____________________ [description of term 2]

__________ [Name the term 3]: ____________________ [description of term 3]

This lease agreement document will remain effective for a duration of ______________ years, [mention in years how long the agreement contract will remain valid].

Violation of any terms by any of the involved party is against the contract policies and subjected to legal issues.

Signature of the lessor ____________________                 Date ___________

Signature of the lessee_____________

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