Sample Documents

A document is a written work which is aimed at storing and recording information. The word ‘document’  is usually associated with business paperwork or a written governmental piece of work but is broader in meaning than these two representations. By ‘written’, we mean anything that is either hand written or printed like a virtual document through an electronic medium.

Documents can be classified into a lot of categories based on their use or the way they are written. The following are a few different classifications of a document:

  • Private documents
  • Public documents
  • Secret documents

The following is a different categorisation of documents:

  • Legal documents-documents that are associated with law and the violation of its terms leads to legal implications.
  • Business documents-documents that are used for business purposes.
  • Divorce documents-a document which is used when a couple decides to get a divorce and hires a divorce lawyer to draft this legal document.
  • Tender documents-a document which is put up so as to attract bidders by corporations.


Historically, the only medium used for documentation was paper and the information was written in ink. This was done either through hand or through printers like laser printers and printing press. Documents in the pre historic era were also written on papyrus and scratched on stones using sharp and pointed tools. But with time, these trends changed and technology overtook these methods. Nowadays documents can be written using laptops, computers, phones etc. There are also dedicated eBooks whose sole purpose is to let users read using internet as the medium. Such documents are termed now as digital documents.

To get sample of wide range of documents under different categories you can browse through this site.

Sample Documents

Sample Documents